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a_wahnsinger's Journal

1 July
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The Basics:

-I am the chairman of INSENSE's Committee on Inter-Dimensional Relations

-I receive grants from the Canadian government for my experiments.

-I am routinely blinded by visions. These visions come to me from realms of possibility and myth - realms that we could visit, if only every single one of us had exotic matter transversers and chronomantic devices. Anyway, for some reason, representatives have chosen to contact me and establish relations with this dimension. Their messages hound me until I write them down, and they do not let my vision become perfectly clear until they are written in a most agreeable manner and sent out for publication. This is my lot in life, my load to bear, but I would not trade this hardship for anything.

Well, maybe clear eyesight. But aside from that, nothing!

For a summary of my origins, and a brief introduction to my work, please consult the following link: