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Brooklyn Indie Market's Steampunk III – A Word from the Host  
11:06pm 25/10/2010

© 2010 Gabi Porter

Well, it looks like I've made it into some form of a media outlet or another, again. This isn't good when one is so intricately involved with a purportedly covert group bent on world domination, but perhaps I'm being too harsh on myself. Most people seemed pleased, to some extent, with my capabilities vis-à-vis introducing fashion designers and dance companies. Some people from a small, independent publication known as Time were there, as well as a couple of courteous potential test subject from Lx.tv. Among others.

The designers were delicious, the company exquisite, and I was handed a bottle of gin for my troubles, so all in all, I suppose I should thank Mr. Williams for alerting me to this event. More new media, I'm certain, shall be coming out in the following weeks with regards to all this.

Enjoy it while you can,

August "I Am a Host and You Are the Parasites!" Wahnsinger

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