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It’s Time Again  
07:09pm 28/09/2010

I took an extended leave starting about a year ago. It came at a friend’s suggestion. “You’re feeling stifled in this realm, August!” he said. “Go explore Andowan some more. And, errm, send me notes.”

So I did just that. I ventured to Andowan using the dimensionally-transcendent powers that are mine by birth, and I stayed a little over a year in the greatest universe that I have known. I dined with elves, hunted tyrannosaurs and even found myself in a drinking contest with Aggression himself. I lost, naturally, but it was still an incredible moment.

But I was invited back recently.

Mr. Williams said he missed me. This is highly likely, as his life is small, pathetic and trivial compared to mine. He also mentioned something about some speaking engagements. Nothing thrills me more than sharing my discoveries; I happily obliged.

This past weekend, it occurred to me that as much as I love Andowan, there is still much I can accomplish here, even from my Canadian lair (where, nonetheless, everything is just one trans-dimensional pneumatic teleportal away). So, I’m back.

I don’t think I shall be going anywhere.

The extended holiday that I wonder Mr. Williams might have had in mind was a bad idea. He needs me. I can feel it.

Yours truly, etc., etc.,

August “Overcoming Material Limitations with Scathing Sarcasm and Dramatic Irony” Wahnsinger

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