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After a Week My Full Visual Faculties Have Returned  
03:03pm 23/03/2009

...at least for now.

For those of you who had not caught wind of this yet, on Saturday I completed the first draft of a short story titled "The War Effort".

"The War Effort" follows Timo Malthusset, an Eglantran partisan fighting to liberate his homeland from the Hermangens. Timo is convinced that he is destined to wed one of the gods' messengers, thereby ensuring the gods' favour and re-establishing the covenant his people once shared with them. With the gods once again firmly on the Eglantrans side, he knows they will win the war.

When he finds the heavenly lady upon whom his heart is set, Timo pledges to serve her and win her love. Though seemingly unaffected by Timo's offer, the lady asks him to come with her. Timo journeys to a strange new realm with his beloved, but has little time to relish its wonders before he is introduced to Valnal, a red-robed messenger who is given charge over the messengers' servants. While in Valnal's custody, Timo endures horrors that eviscerate the faith he had in his war, his nation, his gods and himself.

Of course, having only completed a first draft at this juncture, the account still calls for much revision and assessment. I am generally pleased with how this tale has developed though. It stands at just under 5,000 words, and has given me a solid base with which to craft a notable piece.

I am excited about the potential here. I hope others will join me in celebrating the return of my eyesight.

Best wishes,
August "Beating Down the Dimensional Door" Wahnsinger

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