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Regarding This "RaceFail" Phenomenon  
03:49pm 13/03/2009

It seems that the trickling tentacles of what has been dubbed "RaceFail '09" are stretching to the furthest limits of these ætherwebs, or at least, the portions of the ætherwebs with which I have familiarised myself, namely those dedicated to so-called speculative "fiction". Oddly enough, at the behest of several esteemed individuals, I joined the web-log and community site "LiveJournal", whence these grumblings originate, only in time to witness this rude discourse's metastisisation.

I have terribly little to say concerning the subject beside this: when it comes to humanity, my only real considerations regard what kind of test subject a specimen may make, and as any man of science will tell you, one can never judge test subjects by their ethnicity, race, religion, class or sexual preference. No, 'tis not that which is on the outside that matters, but only what is on the insides...

With that, I take my leave of you.

August "Equal Opportunity Vivisector" Wahnsinger

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09:57pm 13/03/2009 (UTC)
Who am I?
Two things.

One: Those who can't discriminate between the meaningful and the meaningless are hopelessly blind.

Two: I love freedom of speech. It keeps the idiots and assholes out in the open.
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11:47pm 13/03/2009 (UTC)
Artimis Lebeau
Nice gun in the Icon picture. :)
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11:54pm 14/03/2009 (UTC)
Yes, a truly remarkable work of art and craft. The brilliant artisan responsible for its creation has a wonderful gift. ;-)
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